Thursday, September 13, 2007

In search of a medium-sized, one-person dessert

I've had a hard time finding "normal" sized desserts at restaurants lately. You know, one that is sized for one person at a reasonable price. Restaurants seem to be either like The Palm Restaurant with enormous desserts for around $10 that I swear must weigh about 5 pounds a piece, or like Seasons 52 with $2 shot glass desserts with enough for about 3 bites. I am a sweet freak and I'm usually the only one left at the table after a meal that wants dessert (hint: I purposely don't eat all of my meal to leave room for dessert. Yeah, I like sweets that much). So, when the server has to strain to bring a huge dessert tray over with a hunk of 15-layer cake and a creme brulees the size of a platter, I'm likely not going to order dessert. Even though I want to. Because I don't want to pay more than the cost of my meal to get a dessert that I know I'm not even going to halfway finish. The shot glass dessert is a little better because then you get to try samples of different desserts. But it is a bit embarrassing to order four or five of the little desserts when everyone else is ordering one or two -- although, I got over it. I just wish more restaurants would offer desserts that are not too big and not too small but just right. I guess Goldilocks and I will have to keep looking.


gastronomeuse said...

I'm not normally a chain-restaurant eater, but Crispers has very good desserts that are (in my opinion as a chef AND a restaurant critic) perfectly portioned for one person. The new blueberry-soaked mousse cake is excellent and very pretty.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll link to yours if you link to mine!

Dana said...

Houlihan's is another place that started doing the smaller desserts like Seasons 52. I've had one of their regular portioned desserts and didn't find them too large.